Energy Reading

August Guidance

Hello readers! I think I’ve written enough on how our thoughts shape our world and how  to work on yourself to create a more peaceful, kind world. In short, thoughts create our reality and love is the true essence of the universe and our true soul state. I encourage you to read past blog posts if you need a refresher.

What I would like to do now is to focus on the energies coming in – whether it’s for the month, day, or whenever I feel inspired to offer up guidance. This guidance comes from my guides – I’m just a conduit and I’m learning along with you.

Today, I pulled some cards for August, I’m going to post pictures of the cards and a short description of the meaning and I hope it will help all of us to cope with what comes our way and stay grounded and focused.


The first thought that comes to mind is that it’s going to be a challenging month but this challenge will push us into new territory. It might be uncomfortable for some but the end result will be a new understanding.

The first card “Unity” is a powerful reminder from spirit that we are all ONE. This means that we are all spiritual beings on the same level and no one is above or below you – we are unique and different, but we are not greater or lesser than anyone else. The challenge is to see yourself in others – let go of the idea that you are separate from others because of outward appearance or because of belief systems – underneath it all we are all souls in a human body having this earthly experience together and trying to find the best way to navigate our lives. Look for common ground and above all love others and treat others as you would like to be treated – that is the way to peace.

The second card is “Discernment”. It is true that the outside world shapes who we are, meaning that what you choose to read, see, or listen to will shape your belief system, but no one knows better than your SOUL. Your soul is connected to a higher power and knows Truth. When you are unsure about the information you are receiving, go to a quiet place, dig deep into your soul, and ask the higher power to step in and show you the truth of a situation. You do not need anyone else to guide your life – all the answers are already within you – but be aware that the higher power is love so if you are hearing messages that are the opposite of love, you are not tapping into your higher self. Choose to surround yourself with truth, higher thinking, and deeper love for yourself and humanity – that is the way forward to peace.

The last card “Shift” is perhaps the hardest energy for some people to master. It is referring to change. In this context it’s referring to be brave enough to change your belief system if it no longer serves you. I realize it might be challenging to let go of things you have believed to be true your whole life but it is sometimes necessary for soul growth. Instead of being afraid of change, look at it as an adventure where you get to explore a new landscape. You don’t have to attach yourself to anything, you just have to explore the possibilities and discern the truth of what works for you. We are constantly in a learning process, that is the purpose of our soul – to learn and grow thru challenges, so step into this Shift with excitement and curiosity and see what new worlds and opportunities it opens up for you.

I hope you have enjoyed this energy reading and I will post more as guided. Have a beautiful month! ❤

compassion, community, solidarity, togetherness, evolve

The Definition of Insanity

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This is true as a human experience and as a spiritual lesson. Spiritually, if you don’t master your lessons, you will find yourself in the same situation over and over until you learn and change how you handle the situation. Right now, this is happening on a global scale to entire populations and it’s up to all of us to not repeat the mistakes of the past so we can move forward. If we don’t, we will be stuck in a loop where the same horrific event re-occurs until we take action and make a change. This – right now –  is the moment in time to make these changes.

The energy has shifted and the connection to spirit has been muted or blocked. The spirit world is still there, watching and listening, but not able to help like they normally do. If you are a sensitive person, you might have felt the energy change. Basically, we are on our own and this is, in a way, our test. Are we going to rise to the occasion and forge a better world or not?

BeTheChange_GandhiWe certainly can! We are able to and have all the tools to do just that. This is the time to think about humanity on a large scale and make sure all our actions and words are for the benefit of all. On a smaller scale, it’s about doing small and large acts of kindness. To greet each person with love and a smile. To focus on our similarities instead of our differences. To find common ground instead of being divisive. To be compassionate and show mercy. To push our leaders to act in the best interest of all. This is not the time to be selfish, to think only of yourself, and to push for things to appease small groups.


As I’ve said before, the new world is inclusive. It’s for everyone. It’s a place where every person has value and no one is demeaned because of the way they look or what they believe. It’s a world where you are free to be your true self without fear. It’s a world full of love and acceptance.

We are at the cusp of its beginnings. The journey will be rough, sometimes unpleasant, but also filled with the incredible beauty of the human heart. What makes us human is truly unique – it’s love in its purest form. The love that makes you reach out to a stranger because you recognize your brother or sister in them and the unity of it all. So envelop yourself in love, radiate peace and compassion, and show the world your best self yet!

love is all