Energy Reading

Weekly Message 9-9-19

This is a powerful week, it’s all about making decisions, releasing burdens or relationships that are no longer working, and unbind any cycles of dependency. The High Priestess suggests that we will see the “truth” of any matter or relationship, and we should pay attention to our dreams and intuition for answers that might have previously eluded us.

Nines are all about the ending of a cycle and this week starts with 3 nines – it’s time to cut the cords that bind us, to truly look at the people in our life and let go of anyone that is holding us back or limiting us in any way. If someone is suppressing any part of our being – whether it’s an idea we have, the way we act, or our values – we need to ask ourselves if they truly have our best interest at heart, or if they are only thinking of themselves and projecting their fears and limitation on us. It’s time to break free of the ties that restrict us and align ourselves with people or situations that truly speak to our soul and allow for our highest soul expression.


Once we see our way clearly, a Divine healing will take place. It’s beneficial to take some time to retreat and recharge, to pamper ourselves, to spend time in nature, and to relax into our true selves. It’s time to choose life on our terms, to move beyond limitations and the needs of expectations we place on ourselves or others place on us.

Then explore, expand, and have fun. As we let our imagination and creativity flow, a new idea will take root that will take us on a new path to a more abundant and fulfilling life. Choose the path to more freedom and happiness and hold the belief that anything is possible during this magical time.

Have a charmed week! ❤


Are you talking to me?

About an hour after I posted “Boxes and Labels” I ran across this commercial by Heineken which talks about the exact thing I had just written about:

 Synchronicity? Serendipity? Or just spirit let me know – hey good job, here’s more to support what you said! Truth is Spirit talks to us all the time.  They are always there helping, protecting, giving us answers, showing the way…even if a lot of us miss the signs or don’t know how to listen.

So how does Spirit talk to you? They can talk to you thru music, thru other people, thru something you’re reading, thru a program you’re watching, thru dreams, thru ideas… For example, when I was deciding whether to move to Arizona or New Mexico spirit was very clear on where I should go. I saw Arizona everywhere. I would turn on the TV and there would be an Arizona Diamondbacks game on, or news about Arizona. Or someone at work would mention something about Arizona, or I would hear something on the radio about it. I never heard anything about New Mexico, not one thing! It was like that for months, until I made my final decision that – duh! – Arizona is where I should go. Another time I remember I was driving and talking to myself (I do that  a lot), I was worried about finances and wondering how I was going to get out of the mess I was in and “Don’t worry, be happy” came on the radio. I stopped my ranting, listened, and decided to trust that everything would be alright – and it was.

Try it for yourself. Have a conversation with the universe, God, your angels, your guides – whoever it is you want to talk to and receive answers to your problems from, and then listen. Pay attention to what you hear, see, and feel in your heart, and just like that you will have your answer! If you are really confused about a decision and can’t see your way clear, just wait – when you’re not sure, the best thing to do is nothing. Wait and then one day or night the answer will come to you and be crystal clear. That my friends is spirit talking to you. Open up, listen, and trust – help is all around you.