A Word About God

God is love. Love is God.

No exceptions. No exclusions.

God is simply the energy of unconditional love. He is the Source, the Creator, the All…and we are all part of him. We are Him and he is Us. There is no separation.

All of Creation is God and God is all Creation and we are the Co-Creators of our world.

Therefore, when you feel the desperation of our world, the impossibility of making a difference, remember that you co-created this world and you, along with all of us, can co-create a different world.

All we need is the courage and vision to bring about Change.   

All it takes is imagining the world we want to live in.

In other words, change your thoughts, change your reality.

And God will co-create a new reality with us.

Start by re-imagining your own reality. No limits.

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Only Love Matters

Do not be fooled. If you are hating on any group of people and are seeking to oppress them, you are not doing God’s work. Jesus said to love everyone and not judge. That means everyone. Whether you like them or not. Whether you agree with them or not. Whether they are similar or different from you.

If you are part of a hate group, you are on the wrong side. You are not better than anyone else. You do not have genetic, moral, or mental superiority over anyone. What you do have is a sense of self-importance, and a good case of fear of what you don’t know or understand.

fearBut there is a cure for all that and the cure is love, understanding, and compassion. Love yourself so that you can love others. Understand your fears, figure out where they are coming from – are they rooted in reality? Are they the result of your upbringing? Dig deep in your mind and really examine your fears, then work to eliminate them from your life by facing them. Have compassion for yourself as you work thru your fears, it is not an easy process and it might leave you raw and broken.

Healing will come if you open your heart, face what you fear, and seek to understand the world around you. Know that you are not separate from other human beings. Know that we are all one family, not matter our backgrounds. If you do this, you will experience love like never before, not just love for yourself or others that you know, but for all of humanity, for all of the Earth – human, animal, or nature. You will feel the connection to ALL and it will feel ecstatic and incredibly peaceful. You will wake up each morning with joy in your heart and gratitude.

Love matters

The answers to get there are inside of you. All that is required is an opening – open mind, open heart, open willingness to connect to the Source and feel the love. Feel the connection and love that is available to all of us. Be still and know.

Do it, we all need you…

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The Definition of Insanity

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This is true as a human experience and as a spiritual lesson. Spiritually, if you don’t master your lessons, you will find yourself in the same situation over and over until you learn and change how you handle the situation. Right now, this is happening on a global scale to entire populations and it’s up to all of us to not repeat the mistakes of the past so we can move forward. If we don’t, we will be stuck in a loop where the same horrific event re-occurs until we take action and make a change. This – right now –  is the moment in time to make these changes.

The energy has shifted and the connection to spirit has been muted or blocked. The spirit world is still there, watching and listening, but not able to help like they normally do. If you are a sensitive person, you might have felt the energy change. Basically, we are on our own and this is, in a way, our test. Are we going to rise to the occasion and forge a better world or not?

BeTheChange_GandhiWe certainly can! We are able to and have all the tools to do just that. This is the time to think about humanity on a large scale and make sure all our actions and words are for the benefit of all. On a smaller scale, it’s about doing small and large acts of kindness. To greet each person with love and a smile. To focus on our similarities instead of our differences. To find common ground instead of being divisive. To be compassionate and show mercy. To push our leaders to act in the best interest of all. This is not the time to be selfish, to think only of yourself, and to push for things to appease small groups.


As I’ve said before, the new world is inclusive. It’s for everyone. It’s a place where every person has value and no one is demeaned because of the way they look or what they believe. It’s a world where you are free to be your true self without fear. It’s a world full of love and acceptance.

We are at the cusp of its beginnings. The journey will be rough, sometimes unpleasant, but also filled with the incredible beauty of the human heart. What makes us human is truly unique – it’s love in its purest form. The love that makes you reach out to a stranger because you recognize your brother or sister in them and the unity of it all. So envelop yourself in love, radiate peace and compassion, and show the world your best self yet!

love is all



Stand, kneel, sit…take sides, stand by your beliefs…but is anyone listening to the other side? It seems that no matter the controversy, we are shutting down conversation and choosing to stay in our bubble of beliefs. We are holding steadfast in what we believe to be true but is it really true and can there be any forward movement or resolution if we don’t engage, debate, and have a civil discourse? How can we compromise without a conversation? How can we forge a better, more inclusive world if all we want to hear is our voice and voices like ours?

Obviously, we can’t…and until we do, we will see more of these destructive events – whether man made or nature made that are pushing us to work together, to see the human on the other side, to help each other, to love one another – like we are meant to do. We cannot forge a better world if the world we want to live in only has one side. It must include all sides, all voices, all beliefs, and be a compromise and an expression of freedom of all for all.


It’s not about being right or wrong, it’s not about religion, it’s not about education, it’s about removing the “I” and becoming a “we”. A single person can affect a lot of “we” – as shown today in Las Vegas. How many lives has one single person destroyed and disrupted? Many, too many…think about that. If you’ve ever felt that you don’t matter, that your actions don’t matter, you couldn’t be more wrong. Each one of us is an important part of the whole, no one is insignificant, and everyone’s actions matter. All of us have to start caring about the “we” – I am “we”, you are “we”, we are “we”. Burst your bubble and stand together. Stop taking sides and see all sides, forge a bridge to the other side, become “we” with all sides. You can still be an individual with your own beliefs but what you cannot do is stand apart from the “we”. The other side is not bad, evil, or hateful. The other side is part of “we” and therefore it’s you.


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Colors of Life

Look at the world around you, do you see all the colors? Do you see the different shapes and sizes? Can you imagine how visually boring our world would be if everything was monochrome? Or black and white?

The animal kingdom has all kinds of animals from the smallest insect to giants like whales. The live in all kinds of environments, some have fur, some have scales. Some you can pet and have in a house, and some are too wild or dangerous to be kept indoors. Each one of them is fascinating, living their life according to nature’s laws, and adding richness and texture to our world.


Same goes for the plant kingdom. Most plants have some green on them but that’s where the similarities end. Our world is populated with giant trees and prickly cactus. Flowers bloom in all sorts of glorious colors and designs. Verdant grass carpets mountains and russet leaves soften the forest floors. All of it is magnificent and stirs the soul.


Our physical world is diverse. Diversity is interesting, it is beautiful, unique, it sparks curiosity, it engages our senses, it makes you want to learn more, it makes life stimulating and thought-provoking…

Why would you think humanity would be any different?



It’s a Cleansing

If you notice what’s happening around us you will realize that old issues are coming up, old wounds are being re-opened, and old conflicts are seeking a resolution…why is this? It’s a cleansing – we need to resolve past issues in order to move forward and we have no time to waste. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, it’s going to get ugly and it’s going to get violent. A lot of emotions are going to be stirred up and you’re going to have to decide what side you want to stand on. Will you stand with fear or will you stand with love?

You will need to search your heart deeply and figure out who you truly are. This is not the time to follow the crowd or be silent. Stand up for what you believe, stand up for who you are. You have a voice – use it. The world needs you right now, it needs every single one of us to tell it what kind of society we want to be.

The choices are an inclusive society vs an exclusive society. I hope you realize that we already live in an exclusive society where there is a class system and those in the upper class have and reap all the benefits. If we rise to the occasion – and I’m pretty sure we will – we will move into an inclusive society where everyone is on a more equal ground, and where every life has value. That’s why we are going to have this violent upheaval. The people who are benefitting from our current status quo are not going to relinquish their hold easily and they’re going to try to do everything possible to keep us oppressed. I encourage you to seek the truth and act accordingly. The truth is being exposed and secrets are being revealed yet some people still choose to believe the lie.

It’s going to be crazy for a while and things are going to change fast. The best thing you can do is strap on, enjoy the ride, go with the flow, and claim your true self!


~ Again, please be very, very careful if you are out and about in the next few weeks ~ ♥

inner peace

Hate ~ What can you do?

As I’m watching the events unfold in Charlottesville, Virginia I’m having a hard time staying calm and writing this. It’s hard to keep it together when you see a car plow into people for no other reason but hate. I feel sad, angry, disgusted…anything but calm…It’s hard not to lash out when you see things like this happen and let the anger over take you. And this is happening all over the world, not just in the US. We are seeing it in the news more and more often.

No one is born hating. Hate is taught, nurtured, and channeled just like love. Love is also taught, nurtured, and channeled. Love is our natural state. Hate comes from fear and is fueled by fear. Imagine living in a constant state of fear – you would be continually anxious, always looking over your shoulder, and feeling like everything and everyone is out to get you. You would have no peace in your life or in your heart and that would lead to unrest and anger. Then that anger would be channeled into a target and lead to an act of violence.

So how do we counteract hate? With the absence of fear and the presence of love. Love is the only force that can stamp out hate. But how do we put that into context as human beings dealing with strong emotions? First I would say, feel all your emotions. Feel the sadness, feel the anger, feel the pain, let your feelings wash over you, taste them, mull them over, and when you’re ready, let them go.


Then center yourself and let love in. Let love heal you and find your inner peace again. The Dalai Lama said “We will only make the 21st century an era of peace on the basis of inner peace. However, we won’t overcome anger and establish peace of mind just by praying for it. An outbreak of fire will not be quenched by prayer alone, it’s far more important to prevent its breaking out in the first place.” This is why it is crucial to have inner peace not matter what is going on around you. When you’re at peace and in a loving, positive state, that energy exudes out of you and affects others and that’s powerful. Imagine a world where everyone has peace in their heart – that would completely change our planet! Our consciousness – our collective consciousness – is one of the strongest weapon we have to fight against these troubled times. If we change the way we think and feel, we can truly change the world.

Cultivate your peace- do what you love, think positive thoughts, have compassion, surround yourself with those you love and love you back, spend time in nature, read uplifting books, volunteer to help others or animals, be kind, get involved in just causes…the list is endless…find your inner peace and spread the love.