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Only Love Matters

Do not be fooled. If you are hating on any group of people and are seeking to oppress them, you are not doing God’s work. Jesus said to love everyone and not judge. That means everyone. Whether you like them or not. Whether you agree with them or not. Whether they are similar or different from you.

If you are part of a hate group, you are on the wrong side. You are not better than anyone else. You do not have genetic, moral, or mental superiority over anyone. What you do have is a sense of self-importance, and a good case of fear of what you don’t know or understand.

fearBut there is a cure for all that and the cure is love, understanding, and compassion. Love yourself so that you can love others. Understand your fears, figure out where they are coming from – are they rooted in reality? Are they the result of your upbringing? Dig deep in your mind and really examine your fears, then work to eliminate them from your life by facing them. Have compassion for yourself as you work thru your fears, it is not an easy process and it might leave you raw and broken.

Healing will come if you open your heart, face what you fear, and seek to understand the world around you. Know that you are not separate from other human beings. Know that we are all one family, not matter our backgrounds. If you do this, you will experience love like never before, not just love for yourself or others that you know, but for all of humanity, for all of the Earth – human, animal, or nature. You will feel the connection to ALL and it will feel ecstatic and incredibly peaceful. You will wake up each morning with joy in your heart and gratitude.

Love matters

The answers to get there are inside of you. All that is required is an opening – open mind, open heart, open willingness to connect to the Source and feel the love. Feel the connection and love that is available to all of us. Be still and know.

Do it, we all need you…

inner peace

Hate ~ What can you do?

As I’m watching the events unfold in Charlottesville, Virginia I’m having a hard time staying calm and writing this. It’s hard to keep it together when you see a car plow into people for no other reason but hate. I feel sad, angry, disgusted…anything but calm…It’s hard not to lash out when you see things like this happen and let the anger over take you. And this is happening all over the world, not just in the US. We are seeing it in the news more and more often.

No one is born hating. Hate is taught, nurtured, and channeled just like love. Love is also taught, nurtured, and channeled. Love is our natural state. Hate comes from fear and is fueled by fear. Imagine living in a constant state of fear – you would be continually anxious, always looking over your shoulder, and feeling like everything and everyone is out to get you. You would have no peace in your life or in your heart and that would lead to unrest and anger. Then that anger would be channeled into a target and lead to an act of violence.

So how do we counteract hate? With the absence of fear and the presence of love. Love is the only force that can stamp out hate. But how do we put that into context as human beings dealing with strong emotions? First I would say, feel all your emotions. Feel the sadness, feel the anger, feel the pain, let your feelings wash over you, taste them, mull them over, and when you’re ready, let them go.


Then center yourself and let love in. Let love heal you and find your inner peace again. The Dalai Lama said “We will only make the 21st century an era of peace on the basis of inner peace. However, we won’t overcome anger and establish peace of mind just by praying for it. An outbreak of fire will not be quenched by prayer alone, it’s far more important to prevent its breaking out in the first place.” This is why it is crucial to have inner peace not matter what is going on around you. When you’re at peace and in a loving, positive state, that energy exudes out of you and affects others and that’s powerful. Imagine a world where everyone has peace in their heart – that would completely change our planet! Our consciousness – our collective consciousness – is one of the strongest weapon we have to fight against these troubled times. If we change the way we think and feel, we can truly change the world.

Cultivate your peace- do what you love, think positive thoughts, have compassion, surround yourself with those you love and love you back, spend time in nature, read uplifting books, volunteer to help others or animals, be kind, get involved in just causes…the list is endless…find your inner peace and spread the love.