The Earth and Climate

Here’s a very blunt message from Mother Earth about climate change and the climate strike going on around the world today:

Children are the future. They will lead the fight. Adult should follow or perish. Debts are being repaid. You’re either in or you’re out. No more forgiveness. You move forward in unity or you will be destroyed. Earth will not die but you will if you don’t change.

I asked her what we can do to change:

Stop killing. Pesticides, fracking, poisoning, burning, logging, eating animals…you can use but you MUST replenish.

Final message:

I will support you if you support me. I will destroy you if you won’t.

I realize this is a harsh message but it needs to be heard. We are at a critical point. We MUST shift and we are, we just need to keep pushing until climate change becomes the most important thing we are working on globally. Shifting to a green economy will help the world and bring in the abundance we are all craving for. Abundance is not just about finances, it’s also about health, well-being, joy, fulfillment…

I then pulled some cards that further make the point:

Core – ” A choice reveals what is at the heart of an action or situation. Wealth, relationships, joy, family, independence, status, control – choose wisely, you have your heart to answer to.” In other words choose from your heart, choose what gives you peace inside, choose what matters because only then will you be able to move forward in peace knowing you chose wisely. Fortitude tells us to focus on the big picture and to not let small roadblocks derail us. Sure we are fighting against governments and corporations but the fire in our hearts is bright and pure and will withstand all that’s coming our way. We can see this thru. “Strong foundation, core values, and lofty ideals will outlast, outsmart and outclass a detractor.”

We are the stewards of this beautiful planet – lets start acting like it! 🌎🌍🌏 💖

Here’s more info about the Climate Strike –

change, Earth

What can you do?

Earth is on Fire!

What can you do?

Do your part! Recycle, re-use, bring a cloth bag to the grocery store, limit the use of plastic, drive a hybrid or electric car, eat less or no red meat, support eco-friendly companies, plant trees, plant a garden, help wildlife by leaving out water on hot summers or food…there is so much each and every one of us can do and it is going to take each and every one of us to make things better and turn away from this cliff we’re going towards.

Why should you care? Because it affects all of us. This is not just about the fire in the Amazons, this is global. There are fires in Africa, in Europe, in the States. We have damaging storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, volcanos erupting, ice sheets melting…it’s happening everywhere. It’s time to start thinking GLOBALLY. This is the ONE planet we are all living on and we are killing it with our carelessness and our selfish attitude. Earth does not need us to survive but we do need her to survive. Nature will go on – with or without us.

we not me

This is not a time to panic, this is a time to CHANGE. We must change everything, we must all become eco-friendly, be sustainable, stop over-consumption, and do our part. We have the technology, ideas, and expertise to mitigate climate change. On a personal level we must remain calm, do what we can, and hold hope. The best thing to do when things get overwhelming is to do what you love. Get out of your head and do what makes you happy. Why? Because we must not go into fear. Fear and worry accomplish nothing but keeping yourself busy and happy raises the vibration of the planet. Praying and meditating are also very helpful.

The point is we are not helpless and it is not too late. We have a choice still and if we want to survive as a species we must choose what is best for ALL of us, not just for a select few.


The cards remind us that we can start anew anytime, everything on this planet has the ability to regenerate, all we need to do is change the way we see things. There is always a different way to look at the same problem, with fresh eyes come fresh solution. The potential is there to accomplish all that we need, to transform yet again, and to action our collective energy in a beneficial, sustainable, positive way.