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Today’s Message

Tarot cards are amazing because not matter how many decks you use, the message will be the same or cohesive. For this spread I used the Shadowscapes Companion and Archangel Power decks.

9-6-19 message

The message is about money and how we can be so stubborn and tight-fisted with it refusing to make changes that could better our life and make our situation easier. I feel that the message applies globally on how we view money, how the world is set up in hierarchies of the have and the have nots, how we have such staggering income inequality, how we are afraid to make bold leaps and try something new because “that’s the way we always do it”, and Archangel Michael is saying – this is not working for your world! We know this right? The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Income inequality is a big issue and it’s the root of hopelessness, depression, weariness, and apathy.

It’s time to make a change if we want to see a new positive reality. It’s time to handle our affairs, seek real solutions, and use our creative thinking abilities to create a new financial reality. There is a better way that works for all of us and not just some of us.

The way to make this change is to change our own perception and approach to finances. You are in charge of your situation, not matter what is happening in the world, you are the creator of your life. Take the time to asses how you are handling your finances, move away from fear, and really think about what you would love for your life to look like. It can be as simple as doing what you truly love as a side job if you can’t quit your job, or as grandiose as taking that leap in owning your own business. Only you know what you need to do to feel that hope and excitement that comes from doing what you are meant to do. It takes strength and the courage of your conviction to take that first step…but once you do you will feel so much happiness and peace in your heart that you will know beyond any doubt that you are on the right path.

The way to change the world is to change ourselves, to change our expectations of what is possible, and to know that we are the creators of our reality.

Hope you enjoyed today’s message! Blessings ❤


New Material Reality

I’ve been hearing lately about the world stepping into a new material/financial reality, of a financial reset, of our financial systems changing and I asked Spirit to shed some light on what that means exactly for us on a personal level and how we can experience our best life not matter what is going on in the financial world or the global economy.
What I’m getting from the cards is that a cycle has just ended (The World) when it comes to how we think about money, finances, consumption, and stability and what is coming forth is that we are entering a phase where anything is possible and we can have it all financially (The Star) as long as the way we think is in sync with the belief that anything is possible (5 of Pentacles & The Hanged Man).

reading 9-1-19
Abundance is infinite, but do we really believe that? As humans, we see our world as finite and it’s hard to imagine that we can do anything, be anything if we put our mind to it – after all every single thing we see in our physical world – a pot, a car, a house- was a thought first. Our thoughts create our reality – literally – therefore to create our best reality we must start with our thoughts. If we imagine what we truly desire and truly believe it in our hearts, then we can bring that forth in our lives and manifest it into reality.

The secret is not the words you say but your intention. Your intention has to be pure and clear. If that is too difficult because you don’t believe that you are worthy of receiving infinite abundance, then simply being grateful, having a grateful attitude for your life, for your family, for your friends, for your job…just the act of thanking and saying “I am thankful for my blessings” will bring more blessings to you.

Sometimes using tools like crystals or mantras can help us focus our intentions better. Crystals are known to have healing properties and for abundance and prosperity Aventurine, Citrine, and Pyrite are effective money, success, and luck stones as seen in this jewelry kit below:

abund kit

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