Surprise! It’s a Pandemic…

I had to take a little time out to reflect, release, and heal myself but now we are in the middle of a one of a kind, worldwide event that is upending our way of living and bringing up all sorts of feelings. With the help of my guides, I’ll try to offer some insight and words of encouragement. As always, take what resonates and leave the rest. I do not have all the answers, and frankly you should always use your own discernment not matter who you follow, read, or listen to.

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Just for the record I did not know this was coming – I was given no heads up at all! The only thing I was told is that there was a “surprise” coming…well…Surprise!! It’s a pandemic!! Spirit sometimes has a twisted sense of humor…but as the days have gone by and things become more and more uncertain, there’s a certain freedom in it. I know some of you may find this a strange thing to say, especially since everyone is worrying about jobs, money, survival – myself included – but I am enjoying having the TIME to figure out exactly what it is that I want or want to do and not being pressured to hurry in making this decision. I’m especially loving the lack of time constraint – I have nowhere to go, nothing to rush to, and I can get up or stay up as late as I want. I have plenty of food and plenty to do and be grateful for. I am learning and becoming more used to “living in the moment” every day, and it feels good because I don’t need to worry about tomorrow, or long for the past, all I have to do is be present in this moment and let that shape my day. For example, I’ve been thinking for weeks of writing in the blog again and right now, this moment was the time that I had the urge to do it and I followed that urge. I could have done it weeks ago, but I didn’t want to force it. This is also known as being in the FLOW and letting things come to you instead of forcing anything…and that is a whole new way of being.

I think that is the point of all this. To examine our way of living, going within and figuring out exactly what we want, who we are, and who we want to be. It’s a much-needed pause and reset because our chaotic way of living is destructive to our well-being and to the planet. It’s presenting us a new way of living that we should perhaps consider. It’s a slowing down, taking the time to be with our loved ones, and going back to perhaps our dreams instead of doing what we “have to” do. Maybe it’s time to live out our dreams instead of being enslaved to the demands of society.

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We are at the point of creation. Sure we can go back to the way things were, but is that what is best for us and for our planet? Do we want to go back to endless wars, famine, hate, the rat race, worry, jobs that we dislike, fear…or do we want to move forward in a different way? The choice is up to us. Right now, we may want thing to go back to “normal” as soon as possible, but maybe the longer we stay home, we might see a new reality forming and realizing that we enjoy this way of being more…

Stay open, stay positive, be strong, be kind, and have faith…this too shall pass ❤


Weekly Energy Reading 10-28-19

This looks like a magical week. During this time of the year the veil between worlds thins so we may feel more intuitive and more connected to Spirit. Serapis Bey says to move into your true self, to rise above the darkness because the light is here. Your true self is a being of love. Love is the highest vibration in the Universe and our true essence. If you can let the lower earthly emotions drop away and truly move into love of self and of others, you will rise and begin to ascend. That’s what ascension is, it is moving into the heart space and letting love guide your life and the way you live everyday.

From this place you can move beyond your current challenges by focusing on what you love – whether it’s your family, a passion, a job, an activity…when you focus on what you truly love you can’t help but be happy and feel joy and that is a magical state of being. The Holy Spirit reminds us that only love is real. Expect miracles and good fortune this week because Spirit has your back and will be showering you with many blessings and unexpected opportunities. It’s important to focus on what you desire at this time and not what you fear because what you give your energy to will begin to flourish. Enjoy this time as beautiful experiences are in store for you interwoven in a colorful tapestry of love.

Have a blessed week! 😇


Weekly Energy Reading 10-21-19

This week’s energy is about receiving messages that will bring something new into your life. This new thing can be a new idea, a new business partnership, a new lover, a new direction…whatever you have been mulling over or confused about is about to crystallize in your mind. Your intuition is going to be at an all-time high and the Universe is gifting you with this new spark of inspiration, purpose, or person. (Page of Swords and Cups) The Knight of Pentacles is a reminder to awaken those dormant, lost, or missing passions, principles, or beliefs to bring more financial stability into your life. However this plays out in your life, it will change your perspective on everything. (The Hanged Man) You will see your life in a brand new, different way, and know that anything is possible.

The Universe is letting us know that they are supporting us all the way. Blessings are coming from above and showering over your life. You are safe and supported. Be still and open up to hear those messages and be aware of synchronicities and signs letting you know you’re on the right path. During this time, it’s in your best interest to let things unfold and not try to control the manifestation. You do not need to know how it’s going to happen, you just need to be open to receiving and enjoy the ride. The way to move into the flow is thru gratitude and appreciation. Let others and Spirit support and help you.

A good mantra for the week is “I am open to receiving abundance and blessings for my highest good. Thank you.”

Have a wondrous week! ♥


Weekend Energy Reading 10-18-19

This reading is about the work you do and how you feel about it, or about a choice that you are about to make, or have already made, about a new job or direction.

It might be that you question your belief in your work or other people are questioning your work path or making you doubt. Truth is that you are a happy doing what you’re doing or what you will be doing, and you are masterful at it. Others may not understand but you find purpose and fulfillment in your chosen work.

Charge forward with confidence and don’t let the naysayers or your own mind sway you from doing what know in your heart to be right. You now have the power to choose and create an original vision for yourself and create your own destiny. Be brave, bold, and true to yourself!

Happy Weekend! ♥


Weekly Energy Reading 10-15-19

The cards for the rest of the week tell us that it’s time for introspection and solitude (The Hermit) to solve our worries, anxiety, and mental anguish (The 9 of Swords). As we released emotions, memories, and pain during the full moon we may now still be in a mental prison and haunted by our memories. By going inward, spending some time in nature, or exploring a solitary pursuit – we will be able to move forward.

By letting go, we make space for the new to come in. A phase of our life may be ending but it’s not the end (Freya). The advice, is to step into the change with confidence, not matter how vulnerable we may feel, and know that we are being guided. Choose the path of least resistance. (Flow) We are being called to be like the river and flow knowing that fulfillment is assured. It may be a difficult but ultimately enlightening week.

Best to all! ♥


Fate vs Free Will

All beings incarnated on Earth have free will. There is no time at any point of your life that you don’t have a choice. You may feel that you don’t, but choice is always there for you. At the same time, fate also plays a part. Events are fated to happen. For example, you are fated to meet a certain person at a certain time in your life, or you are fated to work in a certain field, or you are fated to get an illness, but what you do with the event is always your choice.

That person you meet may be your fated soulmate, but you can take the relationship as far as you want, or you may choose to end it. You may be fated to be an accountant since you love numbers and spreadsheets, but where you work or whether you work for yourself, is your choice. You may get cancer but whether you beat it this time around or how long you survive it, is your choice. Death as well…I learned recently that we all have different exit points and that’s why sometimes we have close calls but survive thru them or have a near death experience and choose to go back and finish what we came here to do. This is not true for everyone of course, but most people have multiple exit points.

You might have heard of the saying – let go and let God. When this saying is invoked or practiced, it means that you are relinquishing control of how a situation will play out, but you have made the choice of what outcome you desire beforehand. For example, you opened your own restaurant and it’s not going well. You want to get out but you don’t know how because you have a rental contract, you owe money, you feel bad firing people, etc.… at this point you can give it to God or the Universe and ask them to show you the way out. The Universe will put the pieces together for you so that your original wish of getting out of the restaurant business will be granted. It will not happen exactly the way you wanted, but in the end, you will get your desired outcome.

The point of having free will is to learn. Earth is a planet of duality where you get to experience both sides of the coin and this can play out over multiple lifetimes. During your time here, you will know happiness and sadness, pleasure and pain, you will lead a rich and a poor life, you will be healthy and sick, you will be the oppressed and the oppressor…and all these lifetimes will have one thing in common – you have chosen them – not because God wants you to suffer but to learn to find the happiness, grace, and joy despite of what your life looks like on the outside. The whole purpose is to become more like your true self – that beautiful, perfect, bright soul – while you’re in a human body…and when you learn to shine that light despite it all, you will have reached nirvana.

Free will, though it makes evil possible, is also the only thing that makes possible any love or goodness or joy worth having. – C.S. Lewis


Setting Intentions

The secret to setting an intention, repeating a mantra, or doing a ritual is belief.

The words repeated in a mantra won’t make a difference unless they’re coming from your heart and you truly mean every word.

Setting an intention won’t work unless you truly believe that it will and are willing to do the work to bring it to fruition.

Doing a ritual is pointless unless you are 100% focused on what you’re trying to achieve.

In other words, to make your dreams come true you have to focus on them, do the work, and know in your heart that you are going to achieve it.

The other part is being mindful of your thoughts throughout the day. If you start your day with a mindful mantra but the rest of the day your thoughts are negative towards your goal such as – “Yeah right, easier said than done!”, “There’s no way I’ll ever make that much money”, “If only I was that smart, or that pretty” – you get the idea. If your thoughts are self-defeating then you’re saying a very loud “NO” to your dreams. You must be mindful of your thinking. Correct any negative thoughts by turning them into a positive or just be neutral and do your work.

Breaking negative thought patterns will open you up to more positivity and grateful thinking which will bring forth what you desire much quicker than you expect. All it takes is mindfulness, practice, and perseverance.