A Word About God

God is love. Love is God.

No exceptions. No exclusions.

God is simply the energy of unconditional love. He is the Source, the Creator, the All…and we are all part of him. We are Him and he is Us. There is no separation.

All of Creation is God and God is all Creation and we are the Co-Creators of our world.

Therefore, when you feel the desperation of our world, the impossibility of making a difference, remember that you co-created this world and you, along with all of us, can co-create a different world.

All we need is the courage and vision to bring about Change.   

All it takes is imagining the world we want to live in.

In other words, change your thoughts, change your reality.

And God will co-create a new reality with us.

Start by re-imagining your own reality. No limits.

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Weekly Reading 9-16-19

As I was shuffling the cards, I felt a lot of excitement for the coming week. It feels like something really good, something you have been wishing for or waiting for is going to start to manifest, and the cards concur this feeling. This good news, idea, or situation is exciting and may make you feel emotional because it’s a wish or a prayer answered. It will propel you into a new beginning or a new chapter of your life. This beginning is fueled by fiery energy and enthusiasm, the “go for it” feeling, along with intelligent execution and smart planning. The Ace of Wands is about action – it’s time to act on your idea, initiate that venture, start your business…whatever you have been dreaming of or wishing for, now is the time to act. You will feel great energy, focus, and eagerness to get going, and the Ace of Swords will bring clarity on the best way to move forward. Don’t doubt yourself and leap into action.

week 9-16

The next set of cards emphasize the concept further. As long as you listen to your Intuition and lead with your heart (Lady Nada) you will get far. It’s time to listen to what your heart has been telling you, put aside your fears, and follow your instincts. All is possible when your outer vision aligns with your inner purpose. Archangel Michael is telling you that you have an opportunity to do things in a new way. You might have a bumpy start, but you know the way forward, you can see the path clearly, and you should keep moving forward. The Divine is here to help you along the way. Have courage, move into a state of trust, let the world see who you are and what you are made of, and manifest what you desire.

Happy week all! ❤

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What are you offering?

sunset-hands-love-woman_b“Your energy is an offering”.
I heard that from someone that I admire and it really made me pause and think.
“Your energy is an offering”.
What kind of energy are you offering the people you love, your coworkers, your friends, the neighbors, the person in line in front of you at Starbucks?
Are you greeting the world with a smile or a frown?
Are you giving off angry vibes or joyful peace?
Are you laughing or screaming in anger?
Are you full of worry and fear or full of laughter and happiness?

 Now take your energy and multiply it by 7.53 billion – the population of the world – and figure out how much of that energy is happy and how much is fearful. The end result is the collective energy of the world or the collective consciousness. And in this case, the majority wins.
If the majority is offering fear, worry, anger, hate…the world will see wars, suffering, killings, famine…and all things that are negative and bad. Why? Because that’s what we believe our world should be. Remember that thoughts create, so if you are constantly worrying about how you’re going to pay your bills, of how much you hate your neighbor, of how you’re afraid of losing everything, of how angry your boss makes you…your reality will be fear, worry, anger, and hate. You will be surrounded by those very emotions and they will color every moment of your unhappy life. And your life will be unhappy. How can it not be when you are trapped in negativity?

If the majority is offering joy, peace, and love…the world will be a peaceful place where people respect each other and love all aspects of life. People will be as one – like one big family working together to take care not only of each other but also taking care of the Earth and the animals. Life would be sacred and joyful. There would be no wars, no killings, no famines…life would be happier and not so weighed down with worry and fear because even though you would still have challenges, you would know that help is always available because everyone genuinely cares about your well-being.
This happy world is not a mirage or a fairy tale…it’s achievable…it takes every one of us to change our way of thinking and spend more time doing what we love and being with who we love. It’s finding joy in the little things. It’s observing the beauty around us. It’s reveling in the warmth of the sun and the ocean waves tickling your feet. It’s achieving goals and building the life you really want for yourself. It’s believing in yourself and knowing that you are worth it, you are an intrinsic part of this world, and you are a powerful being.

It’s achievable by paying attention to our thoughts and the energy we are putting out. Neutralize the negative, observe the bad but don’t get emotional about it, avoid being confrontational but step into your power, laugh as much as possible and find your joy. Most of all, open your heart – love and be loved. Love is the true essence of the universe and of our soul. Love is our true state – everything else is an illusion.

Which world do you want to live in?

Which energy will you be offering up?


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It’s not Broken

First of all, Happy 2018!!!! I hope you took the time to go outside after midnight and feel the energy of the new year. If you did you should have felt a gentle, cleansing energy, full of hope. The sky was so beautiful that night too – it was very clear and bright and all I could feel was the beginning of something new and beautiful.
By the way, New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday and I always go outside after midnight and feel the energy. The reason I love New Year’s Eve is because it’s the only holiday that the whole, entire world celebrates together in the same happy, joyful way and it makes me feel united in one Earth, one human race, one beautiful soul family…

This new year you will hear my voice – my guide informed me that it’s my turn to write. Before we would do it together or he would guide me and give me ideas, but this year he wants me to start co-creating. If you don’t know what co-creating is, I will talk about it in future posts.

do not
I want to let you know that the world is not broken…it’s just changing. Don’t despair but rejoice for the change that is coming because it will bring us to a good, loving place. Have faith and love in your heart- always. Don’t be distracted by all the noise or what is happening “over there”. Stay your course and make sure your course is not selfish or greedy -if it is, you will be very disappointed in how your life unfolds.

The world is moving towards the light and what that means is that we will be coming together as one humanity that cares deeply for each other. We will respect and honor one another – not matter our backgrounds – just as we will care for our Earth and all the life on it. Set your intention now, think about the kind of society you want to live in and then hold that thought – not matter what happens – hold that thought! Put your intention on making things better for everyone. If that feels overwhelming focus on a smaller part of the world such as your family, your friends, your community, your state. Always lend a helping hand and be kind. Get involved in causes that are for the good of all and support people that are bringing about positive change. Be positive, be loving, and stay centered in that love.

Now it’s your turn to be the light this world needs – Live Light, Spread the Light, Be the Light…


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Only Love Matters

Do not be fooled. If you are hating on any group of people and are seeking to oppress them, you are not doing God’s work. Jesus said to love everyone and not judge. That means everyone. Whether you like them or not. Whether you agree with them or not. Whether they are similar or different from you.

If you are part of a hate group, you are on the wrong side. You are not better than anyone else. You do not have genetic, moral, or mental superiority over anyone. What you do have is a sense of self-importance, and a good case of fear of what you don’t know or understand.

fearBut there is a cure for all that and the cure is love, understanding, and compassion. Love yourself so that you can love others. Understand your fears, figure out where they are coming from – are they rooted in reality? Are they the result of your upbringing? Dig deep in your mind and really examine your fears, then work to eliminate them from your life by facing them. Have compassion for yourself as you work thru your fears, it is not an easy process and it might leave you raw and broken.

Healing will come if you open your heart, face what you fear, and seek to understand the world around you. Know that you are not separate from other human beings. Know that we are all one family, not matter our backgrounds. If you do this, you will experience love like never before, not just love for yourself or others that you know, but for all of humanity, for all of the Earth – human, animal, or nature. You will feel the connection to ALL and it will feel ecstatic and incredibly peaceful. You will wake up each morning with joy in your heart and gratitude.

Love matters

The answers to get there are inside of you. All that is required is an opening – open mind, open heart, open willingness to connect to the Source and feel the love. Feel the connection and love that is available to all of us. Be still and know.

Do it, we all need you…



Stand, kneel, sit…take sides, stand by your beliefs…but is anyone listening to the other side? It seems that no matter the controversy, we are shutting down conversation and choosing to stay in our bubble of beliefs. We are holding steadfast in what we believe to be true but is it really true and can there be any forward movement or resolution if we don’t engage, debate, and have a civil discourse? How can we compromise without a conversation? How can we forge a better, more inclusive world if all we want to hear is our voice and voices like ours?

Obviously, we can’t…and until we do, we will see more of these destructive events – whether man made or nature made that are pushing us to work together, to see the human on the other side, to help each other, to love one another – like we are meant to do. We cannot forge a better world if the world we want to live in only has one side. It must include all sides, all voices, all beliefs, and be a compromise and an expression of freedom of all for all.


It’s not about being right or wrong, it’s not about religion, it’s not about education, it’s about removing the “I” and becoming a “we”. A single person can affect a lot of “we” – as shown today in Las Vegas. How many lives has one single person destroyed and disrupted? Many, too many…think about that. If you’ve ever felt that you don’t matter, that your actions don’t matter, you couldn’t be more wrong. Each one of us is an important part of the whole, no one is insignificant, and everyone’s actions matter. All of us have to start caring about the “we” – I am “we”, you are “we”, we are “we”. Burst your bubble and stand together. Stop taking sides and see all sides, forge a bridge to the other side, become “we” with all sides. You can still be an individual with your own beliefs but what you cannot do is stand apart from the “we”. The other side is not bad, evil, or hateful. The other side is part of “we” and therefore it’s you.