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Weekly Message 10-6-19

This week can be both a wonderful week or a not so great week depending on what you have been sowing for the past months. We have both the Knight of Cups and Wands which suggest a new path with heart, compassion, fiery energy, enthusiasm, and spirituality. A new day, a new way of being or new understanding that will propel us forward on a positive way. On the other hand, we have Justice which literally means justice will be served or things will be balanced out – in other words if wrongs were done, they will be exposed and righted. Not matter which energy you’re bringing forth, it will change you because the journey transforms the traveler – for better or worse you will reap what you sow.

But have no fear, you can always begin again and make things right if you feel you have not been on the best past for yourself with gratitude, perseverance, and humility. The Corn says to be prepared to work towards your goals and plant the seed of your intention consciously and respectfully. Release any insecure thoughts of scarcity, feelings that there is not enough, or worries that someone else could take what is yours. Know that the universe will always provide but you must be in a relationship with it in order to receive. The best way to receive more from the Universe is to be grateful for what you already have and to be mindful of your thoughts.

A great exercise to experience gratitude is to start your day by writing down 5 things you are grateful for and ending the day by writing down 5 things that happened that day that were amazing and made your heart happy. You will see that your life is much fuller than you ever thought it was. After all, it’s the little things that make the biggest impact and we all experience acts of kindness and love throughout our day whether we’re aware of it or not.

Have a blessed week! 🌽♥

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Weekly Reading 9-16-19

As I was shuffling the cards, I felt a lot of excitement for the coming week. It feels like something really good, something you have been wishing for or waiting for is going to start to manifest, and the cards concur this feeling. This good news, idea, or situation is exciting and may make you feel emotional because it’s a wish or a prayer answered. It will propel you into a new beginning or a new chapter of your life. This beginning is fueled by fiery energy and enthusiasm, the “go for it” feeling, along with intelligent execution and smart planning. The Ace of Wands is about action – it’s time to act on your idea, initiate that venture, start your business…whatever you have been dreaming of or wishing for, now is the time to act. You will feel great energy, focus, and eagerness to get going, and the Ace of Swords will bring clarity on the best way to move forward. Don’t doubt yourself and leap into action.

week 9-16

The next set of cards emphasize the concept further. As long as you listen to your Intuition and lead with your heart (Lady Nada) you will get far. It’s time to listen to what your heart has been telling you, put aside your fears, and follow your instincts. All is possible when your outer vision aligns with your inner purpose. Archangel Michael is telling you that you have an opportunity to do things in a new way. You might have a bumpy start, but you know the way forward, you can see the path clearly, and you should keep moving forward. The Divine is here to help you along the way. Have courage, move into a state of trust, let the world see who you are and what you are made of, and manifest what you desire.

Happy week all! ❤

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Today’s Message 9-15-19

Today’s message is all about releasing the past, forgiving past hurts, and letting go of toxic and draining situations.


The medicine wheels tells us that to live our best life we need to take a hard look at certain aspects of our being. Reflect on how you are still clinging to events from the past and how they affect your moods and emotions. Notice which relationships drain your energy and figure out how to change them or cut them out of your life. This may be difficult for a lot of people but your happiness and well being are at stake and if you truly choose to be happy, then it takes courageous action.
Next ask yourself if you know what your passion is and if you are pursuing it. This is important because pursuing your passion aligns you to your soul’s purpose and that is the path to happiness and fulfillment. If you don’t know what your passion is, here’s a simple exercise:
Sit or lay down comfortably
Close your eyes and clear your mind by breathing deeply and slowly
Once you are relaxed and your mind is clear, ask the question – what is my passion?
As you continue breathing, thoughts will come into your mind and you will get your answer

It may be unexpected – it sure was for me- but it will be a clear message, and it might just take you on a brand new, exciting journey.
Finally, visualize how you want to live the next chapter of your life and then move forward on your journey. The Holy Mountain tell us that to get to the top, we first must understand were we are at. You can’t move up the mountain unless you have conquered the steps below first, understood your motives, and made the necessary changes. You may try different trails, but there’s only one path to the top – the path that is in alignment with your soul. Being in alignment simply means living your passion which is doing what you truly love. When you are in a state of love, there’s no room for any kind of fear or negativity. Your life will reflect the love that you feel inside, it will simply radiate from the inside out.

The last card is self-explanatory and sums up the two other cards perfectly. You can only move forward by releasing the past and forgiving yourself and others. Only then can you open your heart and mind and be ready for a new, exciting journey.



Happy Sunday! 🌹

Message from Spirit

Today’s Message

Tarot cards are amazing because not matter how many decks you use, the message will be the same or cohesive. For this spread I used the Shadowscapes Companion and Archangel Power decks.

9-6-19 message

The message is about money and how we can be so stubborn and tight-fisted with it refusing to make changes that could better our life and make our situation easier. I feel that the message applies globally on how we view money, how the world is set up in hierarchies of the have and the have nots, how we have such staggering income inequality, how we are afraid to make bold leaps and try something new because “that’s the way we always do it”, and Archangel Michael is saying – this is not working for your world! We know this right? The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Income inequality is a big issue and it’s the root of hopelessness, depression, weariness, and apathy.

It’s time to make a change if we want to see a new positive reality. It’s time to handle our affairs, seek real solutions, and use our creative thinking abilities to create a new financial reality. There is a better way that works for all of us and not just some of us.

The way to make this change is to change our own perception and approach to finances. You are in charge of your situation, not matter what is happening in the world, you are the creator of your life. Take the time to asses how you are handling your finances, move away from fear, and really think about what you would love for your life to look like. It can be as simple as doing what you truly love as a side job if you can’t quit your job, or as grandiose as taking that leap in owning your own business. Only you know what you need to do to feel that hope and excitement that comes from doing what you are meant to do. It takes strength and the courage of your conviction to take that first step…but once you do you will feel so much happiness and peace in your heart that you will know beyond any doubt that you are on the right path.

The way to change the world is to change ourselves, to change our expectations of what is possible, and to know that we are the creators of our reality.

Hope you enjoyed today’s message! Blessings ❤