Message from Spirit

Weekly Message 10-6-19

This week can be both a wonderful week or a not so great week depending on what you have been sowing for the past months. We have both the Knight of Cups and Wands which suggest a new path with heart, compassion, fiery energy, enthusiasm, and spirituality. A new day, a new way of being or new understanding that will propel us forward on a positive way. On the other hand, we have Justice which literally means justice will be served or things will be balanced out – in other words if wrongs were done, they will be exposed and righted. Not matter which energy you’re bringing forth, it will change you because the journey transforms the traveler – for better or worse you will reap what you sow.

But have no fear, you can always begin again and make things right if you feel you have not been on the best past for yourself with gratitude, perseverance, and humility. The Corn says to be prepared to work towards your goals and plant the seed of your intention consciously and respectfully. Release any insecure thoughts of scarcity, feelings that there is not enough, or worries that someone else could take what is yours. Know that the universe will always provide but you must be in a relationship with it in order to receive. The best way to receive more from the Universe is to be grateful for what you already have and to be mindful of your thoughts.

A great exercise to experience gratitude is to start your day by writing down 5 things you are grateful for and ending the day by writing down 5 things that happened that day that were amazing and made your heart happy. You will see that your life is much fuller than you ever thought it was. After all, it’s the little things that make the biggest impact and we all experience acts of kindness and love throughout our day whether we’re aware of it or not.

Have a blessed week! 🌽♥

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