Hello travelers…

I’m Diana, Di for short – a human, and Jekeh (pronounced Jake or something similar) is my spirit guide. I’m here to share what I’ve learned from him, and to share his voice and guidance with all. Yes, I can talk to him in my head…or aloud – I swear I don’t hear voices (except for his) and I’m not crazy….If you follow my blog enough you will be able to tell which posts are mine and which ones come from Jekeh…♥





I’m sorry it’s been so long…cancer has a way of taking over your life. My husband is doing well despite it all, I’m just not in the headspace yet to blog on a regular basis…but I will be back soon!

Meanwhile I want to say that I’ve managed to stay zen and peaceful despite the craziness of our life by focusing on us, thinking positive, and keeping things fun and humorous.

I wish the same for all of you. Be at peace in your heart. Do what is right. Be as helpful as possible to others and most of all radiate and spread the love wherever you go. Peace and Happy Holidays! ~